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Want a Perfect Wedding? List of Popular Attractions

In ancient times many a future bride and groom would consult the Tarot cards to see which month the stars said was perfect for their wedding. When the sun or moon sign was inline with Venus who is the Goddess of love, it was believed to be the perfect time to wed.

Although some may still consult the tarot cards, most couples decide together which season is for them. Each season has its own flavor and style for a wedding. Which season you choose will not only affect the flavor of your wedding it will affect your pocketbook as well.

Different seasons have different costs for reception areas, rentals, the location, and even your honeymoon destination. So when choosing your season be aware of this.

Spring and summer weddings offer you the freshness of a new season with mother nature looking her very best. Early season weddings can enjoy Narcissus hybrids, daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth. While summer offers more abundance with a wonderful mix of color and shape. Flowers such as roses, tady’s mantle, Chrysanthemums, goldenrod, alliums, peonies, phox, sweet William, sweet peas, and sunflowers are readily available. You’ll have no trouble find flowers in season that will look gorgeous! This really helps keep the florist cost down as well.

You can use driftwood or fern on your tables to soften the bold colors of your flowers. You can even add some in-season fruits such as peaches, cherries, or citrus fruits.

One of the most popular attractions these days is a chocolate fountain fondue. In fact, it is being used all seasons. The deep rich chocolate flows from top to bottom on the fountain while delicious strawberries circle the base for dipping. Mmm good! Champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries is also another popular choice for spring and summer weddings.

Spring and summer weddings offer more options for location and reception. An outside wedding and reception can be a lot cheaper. A beach wedding with a BBQ style reception is very affordable and growing in popularity.

Destinations for your honeymoon can save you a pile of money if you choose places that in their off-season. Mind you the temperatures will be extremely hot during these months. If you can take the heat there are some great buys!

As autumn approaches the colors turn to rich gold and copper hues. An autumn wedding can very easily look rich, warm, and inviting accenting the already existing autumn colors. Use the beautiful shades of purples, yellows, and russets to add rich earthy tones to your wedding. You can use natural foliage such as fern or ivy to accent your flowers. Choosing flowers in season will save you plenty!

In your menu be sure to use fruits that are in seasons such as apples and pears. Keep your menu down to earth and fitting with the season. Use colors on your tables that work with autumn.

Autumn is actually a very popular choice for weddings. More than you might think, so be sure to book your reception area and ceremony spot early.

When planning a vacation you will need to shop around and see what you can find at a reasonable price. This time of year is a popular travel time for adults that have no children and enjoy the peace and quiet that returns when the kids are back in school.

When we think of winter we tend to think of cold, but winter is actually the most romantic time of year to get married. Burning logs in the fires, sipping wine, and the beautiful crisp whiteness surrounding. Of course, you will have to have your wedding indoors in the winter.

Take advantage of the season and adorn your reception area in holly, berries, ivy, candles, and other Christmas like festivities. Include some white geisha, snowdrops, and amaryllis in your flowers. Add some apricots, dates, and other winter fruits to your tables.

Right after Christmas, you can save a lot on reception areas. Many hotels have a dramatic decrease in prices right after the busy season. New Year’s Eve weddings are becoming quite popular as they are such a festive and fun time already. Hotels and reception space can be a bit expensive for a New Year’s Eve gathering but if you are having your reception at a home it’s a great idea.

You have many options for winter honeymoon getaways. You can head to the mountains for a ski trip, head to warmer air like the Caribbean or Hawaii, or take an exotic trip to Asia. Be warned flights through the month of December are very pricey but during January there are some good deals to be found.

Whatever season you are planning to have your wedding the most important thing to remember is not to stress! Your wedding day will be perfect in every way. What’s really important is that friends and family are present to help you celebrate your union with your loved one!