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Want a Golf Wedding? Here’s What You Can Do

Many athletic couples who plan their wedding want to have something unique and something that centers on what they like for a sport. The game of golf is no different. Planning a wedding centered on golf can be fun, especially if the party is small and everyone enjoys the game. A wedding theme can be anything you want and if you choose golf, you will find many different ideas to plan your wedding and reception. The wedding itself can be formal in a church, but imagine planning the reception at the golf club and playing around of golf before the dinner.

You may not have ever heard of this before, so it is definitely going to be unique. Your wedding invitations can explain the plan and ask to see how many people would enjoy a day of golf after the wedding. If you are an avid golfer getting married in the summer on a Saturday, you are going to love the idea of getting married and playing a round of golf to seal the marriage. You can book the course for as many players as you are going to have and enjoy nine holes of golf that will lead to the dinner.

The reception tables can be decorated with wedding favors that pertain to golf. You might choose a golf ball with your name and date of the wedding engraved or a golf ball with your picture with the date under the picture and the names on top of the picture. When it comes to golf balls, you can have them engraved with almost anything. These make nice wedding favors. You might also consider a dime or quarter size ball marker with your name and wedding date engraved. Divot fixers are another great wedding favor with the names engraved on them.

The cake for a golf wedding theme can be as fun to create as the wedding itself. Imagine a wedding cake in the shape of a golf course or one specific hole. You could have the little bride and groom standing on the cup in the middle of the green. This is so unique that not many people would think about making a cake like this for a wedding. This would go with your wedding theme so well. It is exciting when planning a golf wedding theme. You will have the most unusual wedding anyone has ever seen or heard about for a long time.

With the wedding being so interesting, it would be nice to receive some new golf clubs or even some golf balls for the game. You might even decide to take a golf trip for the honeymoon. Jamaica or Hawaii are a nice honeymoon destination and the golfing is superb. You can do so many different things when planning a golf wedding, even when you do have a traditional wedding ceremony. However, you might decide to have your ceremony on the first tee, so the first game can be started right away. You can do anything you want for your wedding.