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The Cheap and Simple Way to Achieve Straight Hair

You can have straight hair by going to the salon and having lots of awful chemicals put through your hair, but do you really want harmful chemicals in your hair? There are more natural methods that you can use to achieve straight hair. Not only are there more natural methods that you can use, but they are also much less expensive than salon treatments.

You will need a good quality flat iron. These come in different price ranges but don’t go for the cheapest. Buy an iron from your beauty supply store or hairstylist because a better quality iron will give you better heating surfaces and better temperature controls. Although you will need to pay a bit for the iron, you will then own it and be able to have straight hair whenever you want so it does work out cheaper long term than going to the salon to get your hair straightener.

Next, you will need a thermal protective spray which will help to protect your hair from heat damage. If you use the heating iron on your hair regularly it can become quite damaged if you don’t use a protective spray.

First, shampoo and condition your hair. Because straightening your hair can dry it out you will want a good quality conditioner and leave it on a little longer than normal.

Once you have towel dried your hair, use a leave-in conditioner, and comb it through.

Next, blow-dry your hair until it is completely dry. When your hair is dry brush it to remove any tangles.

Now you want to separate your hair into small sections and pin up the sections that you aren’t working on. Work on one section at a time, about 2″ wide and 1/2″ thick. Put the section into the flat iron starting at your scalp and move slowly down the length of your hair. Don’t stop and start when you are moving the iron down your hair, do it in one smooth movement otherwise you might end up with lines in your hair that can then be difficult to get out.

Don’t worry about steam rising from your hair, that is completely normal for the heat to cause steam when there is still a little moisture left in your hair. If you hear a sizzling noise however then the heat is up too high and you should turn the temperature down a little.

Continue straightening small sections of your hair until you have completed all of your hair. When you have finished, have a look over your hair to make sure you haven’t missed any. Remember that if your hair gets wet it may curl up again or go frizzy so you will need to try and keep your hair dry throughout the day.

Spray your hair with some hairspray when you have finished straightening it and this will help to keep your style in place.

That’s it — now your curly hair is now straight and stunning! Once you have done this a couple of times you will get the hang of it and it won’t take you long to straighten your hair in the mornings. You will save a lot of money long term by not needing continuous salon treatments and you will also save your hair by not using all those harmful chemicals.