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Planning a Domestic Destination-Wedding? Here’s What to Do

We travel farther and more often than ever, so it makes sense that more-and-more people chose to get married in romantic faraway places. Weddings at dream locations are called destination weddings, a trend that is becoming popular. Dream destinations can be very different locations. If you love the ocean, but you live in a landlocked part of the country, a destination wedding may be the most fitting option for you. The destination often serves as the location for the honeymoon and a possible vacation for your guests.

Destination weddings are not necessarily located on white sandy beaches, but you may decide to have your wedding at a national park, the country, or a historical site. You may choose to get married in the birthplace of your ancestors. Destination weddings provide you and your guests a chance to visit another country or another continent. Destination weddings are very exciting, but there is work involved and you need to plan in advance.

If you are planning a domestic destination-wedding, make sure you contact the marriage license department of the destination county. It is a good idea to call a local wedding planner for a consultation. The assistance of a local wedding planner at your destination can simplify the planning process. When planning a destination wedding one of your most important tasks is to make sure that you understand the legal documents and requirements to get married in your destination county.

If you are marrying outside of the country, contact the destination country’s embassy or consulate for legal requirements. If you are not comfortable dealing with embassies, contact local hotel wedding coordinators for help. Wedding professionals at your destination hotel should be able to provide you with valuable information. Many prevalent destination-wedding locations offer on-site wedding coordinators equipped with a lot of great information.

If you are going to invite guests, keep their needs and interests in mind, too.

A destination wedding could mean savings since your wedding ceremony and your honeymoon can be at the same destination.