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Photo Gifts for The Bride and Groom

Finding the perfect gift for a friend who is about to say ‘I do’ to the man of her dreams may not be as easy as some people may think. Even if they might have gone and listed at a bridal registry somewhere in one of her favorite shops, for sure you would want to find something more special than you know your friend would greatly appreciate and remember you by. Well, why not go with creative photo gifts. These presents are not only unique and one-of-a-kind but they would show your thoughtfulness and personal flair as well.

One great gift idea is a wedding photo quilt. A quilt is sure to give one comfort and solace and the bride and groom would definitely appreciate this fine and thoughtfully selected gift to their new home. You can go and get around eight photographs of the couple together pictures of days when they were still in the courtship stage, when they were going steady or when they were engaged. Sew in the name of the bride and groom for added effect. This is one present they will, without doubt, cherish for years and decades to come. Aside from a quilt, you can go for a photo afghan that the couple can use to snuggle and cuddle in front of the fireplace during their honeymoon in a cozy cabin in the cold mountain regions of Australia. Or if they are a couple who loves the beach with all the sea, sun, and sand, then there is also the photo beach towel option.

Instead of the usual picture frame, you may opt to give a wedding photo plate which works just as well but definitely more artistic. Choose in the couple’s favorite picture together, place in their names and the wedding date for added effect, and voilà, you have another distinctive gift to give. Another kind of unique frame is with the use of beveled glass. Typically, the frame shows of a picture of the lovely couple all the same except that their favorite quote or wedding message is etched on the other side of the glass. It should work like a postcard revolutionized into a frame.

If you are the kind of person who loves to make collages, then go ahead and make a collage picture frame. A picture may be worth a thousand words or so they say, then it follows that a collage could say a million other things. Why limit yourself to one or two photographs when you can go and display a dozen or more of them, right? Go for not only pictures but of anything and everything that the couple considers special; include in a copy of their invitation, messages from mom and dad and close family members, or even a petal or two from her favorite flower which usually is what makes up her wedding day bouquet. You may want to save a space for a sweet little poem about marriage and how love can be carried on with tenderness and passion throughout the years. Wouldn’t that be delightful?