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Here Are Destination Wedding Travel Tips For You

Planning a destination wedding or beach wedding in the Caribbean and want as many people to come as possible? Then try making your wedding plans as attractive and as economical as possible.

There are several ways to cut costs on travel arrangements for you and your wedding party, we’ve uncovered a few known ways and a few unknown ways, but it seems that the key to finding these deals lies in the terminology you use. By simply searching out ‘Group Travel Rates’ in search engines you can uncover a world of discounts and tools that could shave thousands of dollars off of your wedding expenses.

Here are just a few that we uncovered:


Most US carriers and some international carriers offer up to 10% discount off normal fares for groups of 10 or more flying to the same destination. For added convenience, some airlines offer to insert tickets to add to your save-a-date envelopes to inform guests of this saving.

Some of this information is hidden in layers on airline sites, so we’ve done the work for you – shortcuts to the information you need:

You can also save on flights by choosing to have your wedding in off-peak seasons, most airlines will tell you when these are.


If you’re opting for a ‘weddingmoon’, then you’re probably looking at going to an all-inclusive resort. Many all-inclusive offer FREE weddings to folks staying at the resort i.e. Couples booked into sandals for five nights get a free wedding which includes: the ceremony, flowers, a Caribbean wedding cake, champagne, and hors d’oeuvres reception for the couple and 4 guests plus a wedding planner dedicated to helping make your day perfect. The downside of these deals is that you might not be the only couple partaking and the resorts can sometimes feel like conveyor belt weddings. For this reason, all-inclusive are now offering alternative wedding packages that can create an exclusive feel to your special day. Inquire with each resort.

Boutique or à la carte hotels are also onto the destination wedding trend and many have created websites and services specifically geared at the beach bride. Wyndham and Marriott specifically offer wedding packages and group rates for a set number of hotel rooms. A wedding planner is complimentary, as is a wedding gift and The Marriott even offers free parking if you start your honeymoon off with a night stay at a Marriott nearby your airport location.

Wyndham Hotels is offering huge incentives to brides in the form of ‘event awards’, free honeymoons, and low-cost airfares. In addition to this, they offer seasonal rates and discounts for weddings throughout the year. The Hilton offers a free night stay for your one-year anniversary and free spa treatments for the bride and groom on your special day.

It’s definitely worth scrolling through some major hotel chain websites to see if offers are available for when you want to get married.


You can help your guests even more by giving them all your other guests’ contact details and email addresses. This way, they could hook up to share villas with multiple rooms lowering the cost even more.

So, with a bit of thought and ‘insider knowledge’, it’s possible to save hundreds, if not thousands of your beach wedding.