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Different Styles and Choices of Wedding Bands for Men that You Need to Know

The contemporary fashion industry seems to be inclining towards the asexual. Garments, shoes, certain accessories, hairstyles, wallets, to name a few are being used commonly by men and women. There is a blending of tastes which is a far cry from the conventional times where every item of clothing, jewelry, gifts, etc were neatly divided into His and Hers.

Wedding rings or bands, for example, were traditionally made from gold and platinum. With the wide range of choices of metals and styles, today gold and platinum as precious metals are facing competition. Men have become aware and fond of jewelry as a status symbol or their own particular signature and are becoming choosy according to their nature and choice in opting for wedding bands made of metals like titanium, tungsten, stainless steel, two-toned gold, etc. The demand for a particular metal depends on the financial status or a personal inclination towards a metal and whether it has been recommended by a doctor, guru, or astrologer for one’s well-being.

One may be surprised at the choice of stainless steel for a wedding band considering that it is more associated with utensils, construction materials, etc. But due to its durability and luster, it may be the choice of trendy and off-beat youngsters to profess the durability of their commitment to each other.

Another metal in demand which is also high on durability, natural luster, and properties like being scratch-proof and non-allergic is tungsten. But men who want to have the look of gold and platinum can opt for a two-toned wedding band comprising of the look of both metals. Another advantage is that they are easy on the pocket too.

Titanium is another metal that is considered as an option for its rustic and manly look. When combined with gold or diamonds, black titanium is an eye-catcher and makes men feel proud of their choice. Apart from being corrosion-proof, it is extremely lightweight.

Just like watches – designer or ordinary ones, it is a common practice to buy a His and Hers wedding ring set for the wedding or an anniversary. When the choice and style of the bride and groom run to similar tastes, this kind of set of rings or bands are preferable as they are appealing to the couple and when bought as a set, they are a better bargain than individual bands. It is a symbol of the affinity shared by the couple too!