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Balancing Cost and Appearance When Searching for Wedding Rings

You’ve decided to get married and tie the proverbial knot. Now comes the part where you and your future spouse must choose the symbols of your imminent union, your rings. To simplify this task, keep these thoughts in mind when you begin shopping. After all, with your wedding date fast approaching, finding the right rings at the right price will simply be one of the worries you’ll have to contend with.

Your first decision will be the type of material you want for your bands, which may be yellow gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, or even as unusual sounding a material as tungsten. The metal you choose will be very important. Not only will the metal used to make a ring determine its appearance, but it will also go a long way toward determining its strength, weight, and durability, as well.

It goes without saying, of course, that yellow and white gold wedding bands are still the most commonly worn rings today. But, with regard to durability, they are also among the weaker choices, as gold is softer and less dense than many other metals used for ring construction. Here’s a tip: if you really want gold bands, but also want your rings to hold up over time, choose a 14k or 10k ring versus an 18k ring. A lower karat number indicates a lower percentage of true gold mixed together with a higher percentage of added metals, which makes, nicely enough, for a stronger ring. Ironically, when it comes to gold rings, the less expensive the ring, the stronger the ring actually is.

Of course, if you are looking for real strength and durability, consider a platinum band. Platinum is incredibly strong due to its metal density, so if you want the ultimate in precious metal strength and durability, platinum is for you. However, platinum is even more of a precious metal than gold, due to its rarity. And that brings us to our next consideration: cost.

Rings, like any type of traditional-event purchase, fall into pricing categories that cater to high-end buyers, mid-range buyers, and lower-end buyers (typically, this covers young soon-to-be-marrieds who are just starting out and may barely have a roof over their heads after the reception is concluded). Gold rings of various styles and karat weights are certainly available to buyers in all price ranges. Platinum, though, may bring up cost issues that are not advantageous for many young couples starting out.

However, if you are looking for rings that are ‘different’, very durable and strong, and, at the same time, are not particularly expensive, you may wish to consider bands constructed of titanium. Titanium is an extraordinary metal that, by weight, is stronger than steel. It is also an inert metal that is impervious to corrosion or decay. And, nicely enough, despite the fact that it is so very strong, bands made of titanium tend to be fairly inexpensive. Yet titanium may be a perfect choice for those who work with their hands, such as mechanics and carpenters.

Once you’ve decided on the type of bands you want (material, appearance, durability, and price range), your next step will be to decide where to make the actual purchase. In some regards, this is very similar to car shopping. As with buying a car, you consider first what you want and then consider where you should go to get the best deal in terms of quality and cost.

Where should you go to buy your wedding bands? Well, there are a large number of franchise jewelry stores to choose from. However, a local and ‘locally-owned’ jewelry store may offer better service, and, potentially, a greater willingness to ‘bargain’ (though, it should be said that chain stores can often use an economy of scale to drive prices down considerably). Also, though chain stores may feature financing arrangements on ring purchases, locally owned stores may offer financing that is more flexible.

But, regardless of the type of wedding bands you ultimately decide on, or even where you decide to buy them, you will, without a doubt, save a considerable amount of stress and, perhaps, money, if you simply consider, beforehand, what it is that you truly want and can be satisfied with.